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Sheet Music Edits
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Weekly Individual Lessons

Our weekly individual lessons are designed to help each student develop a strong foundation in piano playing. Each lesson is customized to the student's goals and interests, exploring a variety of styles of music as well as fun and creative off the bench activities such as rhythm through movement, card or board games, and large scale manipulatives.

Studio Challenges

Each year our studio participates in group challenges.  These are designed to promote community and encourage each other. Students may participate in note naming challenges, composer card challenges, 30 piece challenges, winter olympic challenges, and chord challenges. Through these challenges, students can hone their skills as they collaborate with each other to reach their goals.

Performance Opportunities

Students are given performance opportunities throughout the year. In the fall, we host an outdoor, relaxed concert, and in the spring, we have a formal recital. We also participate in an online Christmas recital so our students can share their performance with friends and family regardless of location.  All of our performance opportunities  aim to build student performance skills and self confidence in a nurturing and relaxed environment.

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