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Online Lessons Q & A

Lesson Q & A


What Ages Do You Teach?

*  I teach online lessons for ages 6 and above, depending on the student’s readiness to take piano lessons.

*  Lessons are offered weekly in either 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length.  


30 minute lessons:   Best for Beginner - Late Beginner Piano Students

(Level Primer - Level 1)

45 minute lessons: Best for Early Intermediate - Late Intermediate Piano Students

(Level 2 - Level 5)  to allow for supplemental music, repertoire that is longer in length and extended music

60 minute lessons: Best for Advanced Students who want to fully immerse

themselves in a variety of pieces and activities


*  Parents must be present in the home during lessons for children age 6-10.


When Are Lessons?

*  Lessons meet once per week during the school year.

*  Lessons meet during the summer as arranged by student and Robin.


How Do I Enroll?

*  Students enroll for one academic year at a time (August through June).

*  New students may enroll at any time during the year.

*  Participation in my studio reserves your lesson time for the entire academic year from August through  June.


What Kind of Piano Do I Need?

*  All students need an acoustic piano or a digital piano.  And acoustic piano is preferred because the sound and touch cannot be replicated by a digital instrument, but a digital piano is acceptable if it meets the following minimum requirements:


88 Weighted Keys and is Touch Sensitive

Sustain/Damper Pedal

Bench of an appropriate height

Entirely self-contained or on a keyboard stand (not on a table or desk)


What Do Students Learn in Lessons?

Online lessons are taught in a warm, fun and encouraging environment and are tailored specifically to each student’s individual needs and goals.  These personalized lessons include a variety of musical styles and activities, including:

*Learning to read music

*Playing music from different styles, including classical, sacred, pop, country,

hymns, jazz and more

*Understanding music theory, sight reading, ear training, and harmonization

*Learning to compose music

*Using technology to enhance lessons and practice via Ipad, YouTube, and Apps

*Learning and reviewing through games and music activities

*Learning about Music History and Composers


How Much Are Lessons?  Am I Charged by the Hour/Lesson?

*  Tuition for a semester is due and payable at the beginning of a semester or upon enrollment during a semester already in progress by credit card, cash or personal check.

*  Tuition may also be paid in monthly installments charged on the 1st of each month by square invoice or by paying with check or cash.
*  Piano Lessons will not be provided until payment is made.

*  Tuition reminders for students who choose to pay monthly will be emailed approximately one week prior to the due date of each tuition payment.  

*  Students will need approximately 4-5 new books during the course of a year depending upon their rate of progress.  The cost of books usually range from $5-$10 each.  Purchase of books is the responsibiity of the student.  Students/Parents will be notified about when and how to purchase needed books.

*  A Supply List is provided and updated each school year.  These items must be purchased before lessons begin and must be kept near the piano for quick and easy retrieval.

*  Apps for your IPAD will be needed.  Most are free but some will need to be purchased.

*  A $25 charge, plus any additional associated fees, will be assessed for all checks returned by the bank.

*  Families should expect a 3% increase in tuition rates each year.


2016 School Year Rates

30 minute lessons - $22 per lesson

45 minute lessons - $33 per lesson

60 minute lessons - $44 per lesson


What Is Included in the Monthly Tuition Payment?

Tuition includes:

*  Time spent preparing for each lesson as well the actual online lesson

*  Piano, Equipment and Website Maintenance

*  Instructor’s continuing education

*  Teacher subscription services for additional studio liscensed repertoire, theory exercises and games


Is Daily Practice Required?

*  The best results come from consistent daily practice, and you will receive the greatest benefit from lessons by practicing at least five days each week.

*  If you practice the day of the lesson (immediately after the lesson) and the day following the lesson, you will retain the most information from the lesson.

*  The amount of time each day spent practicing is not as important as the quality of time spent each day practicing.  Students should practice a minimum of 5 days each week.  


If We Miss a Lesson, Do You Offer Make-Up Lessons?

*  Excused cancellation from a lesson include sickness or death in the family. 

*  Please notify Robin by phone call or text message (410-463-0231) ASAP if a lesson will be missed.

*  Piano lessons missed for reasons other than sickness or death in the family are considered unexcused and are not eligible for make-up.

*  All lessons that I cancel will be rescheduled.

*  In the case of excessive cancellations or lack of preparation for lesson, I reserve the right to terminate lessons without refund.

*  If an adequate FaceTime connection can not be established within 5 minutes, the lesson will be rescheduled.


What if We Want to Quit Lessons After a Month or Two?

*  Enrolling for lessons reserves your lesson time and tuition payment for the entire year until lessons end in June.

*  Everyone stops taking lessons at some point.  The decision to end lessons should be made with careful consideration with discussion between parent, student and teacher.

*  Withdrawal from lesson before the end of the school year requires 4 weeks written notice.  There are no refunds for those 4 weeks of lessons.


What supplies do I need in addition to my piano and lesson books?

Supply List 2016     *Amazon links will be provided after registration is complete

Assorted Stickers


Eraseable Colored Pencils

Small White Board

Dry Erase Markers

Dry Erase Eraser

Post it Notes

Deck of Playing Cards


1 1/2" 3 Ring Binder with dividers

3 hole punch

notebook for assignment notes

Cupcake Erasers

Sheet Protectors

Wide Staff Paper

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