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How To Get

Started With Online Lessons

Online Piano Lessons
Online piano lessons are a great way to work together from anywhere in the county via Facetime!  They are a fantastic solution for busy schedules and Atlanta traffic.   Students from age 6 through adults are welcome to enroll in online lessons.
Minimum Equipment Requirements
* FaceTime for Ipad (positioned close to your piano and fully charged)
* Acoustic piano or digital piano with weighted keys and a pedal 
* High Speed Internet Connection
* Working printer for emailed docs, repertoire, and assignments.
Let's Get Started!
If you are interested in setting up weekly lessons, contact me at 410-463-0231 or and we will set up an introductory meeting time to get to know each other, test equipment and set up, and schedule our lessons.
Make sure to ready through the Q & A section of the website carefully.  Scheduling online lessons with me means that you are accepting the policies stated in that link.





Online Lesson Set Up
Before each lesson, make sure that your Ipad is fully charged and is set up with the camera above and close to the piano keyboard so that your hands and piano keys are easily visible.
Have your lesson book(s), supply box, and assignment notebooks out and ready!
I will call in at your appointed lesson time. Assignments will be given during the lesson for your daily practice time in between lessons.
Practice Between Lessons
Practice between lessons is essential!  The best results come from consistent daily practice and you will receive the greatest benefit from lessons by practicing at least five days each week.
If you practice the day of the lesson (immediately after the lesson) and the day following the lesson, you will retain the most information from the lesson.  
The amount of time each day spent practicing is not as important as the quality of time spent each day practicing.  
Always check your assignment notebook to stay on track with what should be practiced between lessons.  Sometimes I will ask you to complete a written assignment, take a picture or scan it and email it back to me to check in between lessons.  Make sure to check your email because I also may send things to you to be printed off before your upcoming lesson.


See "Online Lesson Set Up" Section and repeat the fun each week!

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