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Online Piano Studio Policies 2020-2021

What Ages Do You Teach?

*  I teach ages 6 (completed 1st grade) and above, depending on the student’s readiness to take piano lessons.

*  Lessons are offered weekly in either 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length via Facetime/Zoom/or Skype.


30 minute lessons:  Best for Beginner - Early Intermediate Piano Students

(Level Primer - Level 1)

45 minute lessons: Best for Early Intermediate - Late Intermediate Piano Students

(Level 2 - Level 5) 

60 minute lessons: Best for Advanced Students


When Are Lessons?

*  Individual lessons take place once per week during the school year and follow the Fairfax County Public School student calendar.  Individual lessons meet Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/or Friday between 3:00-5:30 p.m.

*  Zoomtastic Group Lessons meet once a month for 30 minutes on Mondays from 4:30-5:00.


How Do We Enroll?

*  Students enroll for one academic year at a time (September through mid June).

*  New students may enroll at any time during the year.

*  Participation in my studio indicates your acceptance of all studio policies and reserves your lesson time for the entire academic year from September through mid June.

What Kind of Piano, Equipment and Supplies Do I need?

*  All students need an acoustic piano or a digital piano.  An acoustic piano is preferred because the sound and touch cannot be replicated by a digital instrument, but a digital piano is acceptable if it meets the following minimum requirements:

88 Weighted Keys and is Touch Sensitive

Sustain/Damper Pedal

Bench of an appropriate height

Entirely self-contained (not on a table or desk)

**A list of recommended digital pianos as well as possible acoustic piano sources is available upon request.**


*  A Computer or Ipad with access to FaceTime, Zoom or Skype

*  High Speed Internet

*  Tonara practice App

*  A 2” binder and 3 hole punch for assignments and docs

*  A printer for assignments, repertoire and documents
*  A metronome or metronome app 
*  Assigned method, literature, and theory books


* A Supply Box containing the following items should be close to the piano:

    post it notes

    colored pencils (with erasers if possible)

    pencils with erasers


    dice (2-3)


    coin to flip
    deck of playing cards

    dry erase markers


What Do Students Learn in Lessons?

Lessons are taught in a fun and encouraging environment and are tailored specifically to each student’s individual needs and goals.  Individual and group lessons include a variety of musical styles and activities, including:

*Learning to read music

*Playing music from different styles: classical, sacred, pop, hymns, jazz and more

*Understanding music theory, sight reading, and ear training

*Learning to compose music

*Enhancing theory through games and music activities

*Learning about Music History and Composers


How Much Are Lessons?  Am I Charged by the Hour/Lesson?

*  Tuition for a semester is due and payable at the beginning of each month by credit card through a Square invoice.

*  Tuition is based on the number of lessons per school year and is divided by the number of months in the school year. This "budget billing" allows for tuition to be exactly the same each month regardless of the number of lessons taken during the month.

*  Piano Lessons will not be provided until payment is made at the beginning of each month.

*  Tuition reminders for students will be emailed via Square approximately one week prior to the due date of each tuition payment.  Payments received after the first lesson of the month will incur a $25 late payment fee per student.

*  Students will need approximately 4-5 new books during the course of a year depending upon their rate of progress.  Piano books and materials will be provided as needed and charged to the student.  For long distance students, a list of needed books will be provided for the student to order.

2020-2021 Lesson Rates (September 2020 - June 2021)

30 minute lessons ($30 per lesson) - 37 lesson weeks/10 months - $111.00 per month

45 minute lessons  ($45 per lesson) - 37 lesson weeks/10 months - $166.50 per month

60 minute lessons  ($60 per lesson) - 37 lesson weeks /10 months - $222.00 per month


What Is Included in the Monthly Tuition Payment?

*  Weekly private lessons

*  Monthly Zoomtastic Group Lessons

*  Tonara practice app membership

*  Teacher time spent preparing for each lesson; creating, printing and making worksheets and games; and planning and preparing for recitals

*  Teacher professional experience and continuing education

*  Piano and Website Maintenance

*  Teacher digital music, games and theory subscriptions


Is Daily Practice Required?

*  YES!!  The best results come from consistent daily practice and you will receive the greatest benefit from lessons by practicing at least five days each week.

*  If you practice the day of the lesson (immediately after the lesson) and the day following the lesson, you will retain the most information from the lesson.

*  The amount of time each day spent practicing is not as important as the quality of time spent each day practicing.  Students should practice a minimum of 5 days each week.

*  Weekly practice assignments will be made for each student through the Tonara practice app.  Minimum practice times will be assigned through this app as well.  

*  Students will be encouraged to make comments and notations within their music with practice helps. 


If We Miss a Lesson, Do You Offer Make-Up Lessons?

*  One makeup lesson per semester (two per school year) will be offered if a lesson must be missed.  A list of students and contact information may also be provided to exchange lesson times if there is an emergency.

*  Please notify me by text (410) 463-0231 at least 24 hours in advance if a lesson time will be missed.

*  Any lesson that I cancel will be rescheduled.


What if We Want to Quit Lessons?

*  Enrolling for lessons reserves your lesson time and tuition payment for the entire year until lessons end in June.

*  Withdrawal from lesson before the end of the school year requires 4 weeks written notice.  There are no refunds for those 4 weeks of lessons.


Will There Be A Recital?

*  Yes!  All students are encouraged to perform in the two yearly online Facebook studio recitals.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know

*  Please be prepared for your piano lesson!  Have your device charged and all books and supplies ready.  I will call you at your assigned lesson time.  

*  Run an internet speed test on your device to guarantee enough bandwidth for online lessons.

*  In the case of excessive absences, lack of preparation for lessons, or excessive discipline issues, I reserve the right to terminate lessons.

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